This 2014 spring, we had to give up our dream and our alpacas after 10 years of breeding and raising our herd of suris. Most were given away... a few sold for pennies on the dollar... all to good homes - or so I thought. I have recently discovered that 4 of our boys that were given to a person in the Cadillac, Michigan area have now been sent away to someone in the Flint, Michigan area. I realize I cannot bring them home but I want to know that they are in a good home. If anyone knows of a farm/individual in the Flint area that has recently taken in 3 suris & 1 huacaya (Sandman, Hershey, Bugatti & Bean) please let me know.

Hello and thank you for visiting the website for Gateway Ranch on the beautifully scenic Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan.

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Tucked into the rolling hills of Old Mission Peninsula is a spark of new life - a way of living that many people in today's modern world never have a chance to experience. We can hear about it from our Grandparents....maybe even our own Mom or Dad but few of us actually choose a life style of up at dawn, done at ....well, who knows when. When it's done, right?  


This way of living, for most, is something that exists in obscurity and has faded away like the green on a fall leaf. Gone to make way for bigger cities, faster cars and the search for better Chinese Food. I mean, who would want to spend all of their "free" time cleaning poo, getting spit on, kicked and basically ignored except at feeding time? (Sounds like parenthood doesn't it?) Hmm... 

Well, it isn't and it's also not quite that scary. 

Jane & Mark Garrett (and thousands of others) have chosen raising and breeding Alpacas as a way to bring beauty to their already amazing surroundings and warm the hearts of all who visit. Raising Alpacas is also a business that affords the many perks of living this lifestyle. 


We hope to provide insight into the beauty of alpacas and also to be informative in the care and feeding and business aspect of sharing our lives with these wonderful creatures. Even if it is only part time at first.   

Feel free to browse our website and contact us if you have questions or to arrange a viewing of the growing herd of Suri Alpacas at Gateway Ranch, Traverse City Michigan.

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